She Told Her Ex-Husband And His New Wife That They Need To Stop Fostering Children And She’s Asking The Internet If It Was Unfair Of Her

A woman got divorced from her ex-husband, and together they have three children; a 17-year-old boy, a 14-year-old girl, and a 12-year-old boy.

Her ex has since remarried a woman named Vanessa, and he has been with her for 8 years.

She does find Vanessa to be nice, and Vanessa is a great step-mom to her children, who spend every other week with her ex and Vanessa.

5 years ago, her ex and Vanessa began fostering children with the intention of being able to adopt, since Vanessa is unable to have kids of her own.

“They fostered a baby girl for 3 years (from the time she came home to the hospital) and she ended up reunited with family,” she explained.

“It was extremely hard on the kids, as well as my ex and Vanessa. Immediately after, they began fostering another child (5 years old) and were supposed to adopt them.”

“Right before Christmas, he was reunited with his biological father that they originally had no information on.”

“This has been incredibly hard for the kids. They are devastated and started going to therapy after their first foster sister was removed from the home.”

Not long ago, her oldest children told her that they can’t handle losing another child since they get very attached to their foster siblings.

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