She Wore A Bikini On Her Family’s Beach Vacation And After Her Mom Accused Her Of Being Inappropriate She’s Asking The Internet If She Did Embarrass Everyone

Last summer, a 22-year-old woman went on a beach vacation with her family. They all stayed in a gorgeous house on the beach for a whole week, but the vacation didn’t end well at all for her after her mom accused her of being inappropriate.

She is very reserved by nature, so for the entire vacation, she had on a sundress that was down to her ankles.

“I had a great time at the beach, but my mom was fuming the whole time and refused to tell anyone why,” she explained.

“When I got back from vacation and was packing up to go back to college, she busted into my room and demanded how on earth I would think it was okay to dress like that in front of my brothers and dad.”

“She said that I was “mooning everyone” on the beach and that it was embarrassing for her and that if I dressed like that when I was a kid she would’ve “locked me in the hot car.”

She was absolutely blindsided by what her mom said because all she was wearing at the beach was a bikini, and it wasn’t the low coverage kind.

Her bikini top had a sports-bra kind of scoop neck, and the bottom was cheeky, but not a thong or something like that at all.

She just didn’t think her bikini was inappropriate at all, and she figured maybe her mom was upset about one incident in the beach where she got hit by a wave and it caused her bottoms to move a bit but still, it wasn’t like she was showing much at all even when that happened.

She tried to stay calm as she let her mom know that she’s not a child anymore, so nobody can dictate to her what she should be wearing, but she did also tell her mom that she was sorry she was so upset.

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