She’s Footing The Bill For Her Brother’s Entire Wedding, But He’s Not Inviting Her To Be In The Bridal Party Or Involving Her At All, So She’s Feeling Like He’s Taking Advantage Of Her

A 31-year-old woman has a 29-year-old brother who is tying the knot in 2023, and they live in Northern Ireland.

Sadly, their mom passed away back in 2012, and their dad passed away not long after in 2016. After the loss of their parents, she and her brother are the only ones left in their family.

Now, she was in the military when she was younger, but after she left the military, she became a commercial airline pilot.

She currently makes a ton of money; a little north of $200,000 annually. In contrast, her brother does not make nearly as much as she does.

He does work a decent job, but he earns around $47,000.

“We were raised to always look after each other and share,” she explained. “My partner and I are child free.”

“Over the years I have paid for my brother’s Master’s degree, paid the down payment on his house (our parents rented, so there is no family home).”

“I will also be paying for my future SIL (F26) and my brother to have future rounds of IVF. SIL works part-time and earns about 15k a year, her parents are not well off.”

Her husband has no problem with her helping out her brother and future sister-in-law financially; in fact, she and her husband also foot the bill for his sister to attend college.

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