She’s Not Inviting Her Adoptive Parents To Her Wedding

A 30-year-old woman is tying the knot in May, and when she was an infant, she was adopted.

Her mom and dad who adopted her are now in their 50s, and when she was growing up, they really tried their hardest to raise her and support her all the way through college.

“We always had a good relationship and I obviously love them,” she explained. “When I was 23 I decided to search for my biological parents, and long story short they were teenagers(14) when they had me.”

When she did find her biological mom and dad, they were still in a relationship and had gone on to have 2 children after they had her.

Her biological parents did offer up the reason behind why they adopted her out; they simply weren’t ready for a baby at that point in their lives and although they really did want to hold onto her, they chose to adopt her in the end.

“The thing that really hurt me was that in my childhood and teenage years they tried to contact my adoptive parents and have a relationship with me, but my adoptive parents refused,” she said.

“When I confronted my adoptive parents they said that they were afraid that I might prefer my biological parents, so they tried to keep them away.”

She was so upset to learn this that she really distanced herself from her adoptive parents and chose to essentially not speak to them for years.

“Over the years we managed to build a better relationship but it’s not like before,” she continued. “So, for my wedding, I decided to ask my biological father to walk me down the aisle and he obviously said yes.”

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