This Kitty Was Shot In The Leg And This Rescue Group Is Raising The Money Needed To Fix Her Shattered Bones

Brentwood, Maryland. Alley Cat Rescue is an incredible organization that promotes humane cat care and helps feral cats find homes.

The rescue recently created a GoFundMe to support a sweet little black cat who has been subjected to unimaginable cruelty.

Their team got a message from a local shelter asking if they could take a look at Lemon. An X-ray revealed that she had been shot in the leg and that her right tibia was shattered.

She had a scattering of metal and bone in her tissue that a specialist would have to find a way to remove without amputation.

Vets scheduled Lemon’s surgery and kept her comfortable with pain medication. However, her chance for potential infection was high, so they made sure to monitor her leg for any signs of deterioration.

The rescue shared a sweet tribute to Lemon’s kind nature in their GoFundMe post for her surgery, “Lemon is an absolute sweetie who is affectionate with all the humans helping her, despite the pain and trauma she just experienced.”

After surgery, Lemon will be put on antibiotics and placed in foster care. Hopefully, she will recover quickly, without infection, and be taken in by a loving family soon.

The rescue wrote, “We wish she did not have to go through this. At least we can promise her the very best of care and love that will help her heal physically and emotionally.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Lemon

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