Women Who Struggled With Their Self-Esteem Give Tips On How They Were Finally Able To Find Their Confidence In Their Own Skin

Being comfortable and confident in your own skin can be a life-long journey, but it doesn’t have to be.

One user named somehow28 recently asked women on Reddit to share their tips on how they finally were able to stop struggling with their own self-esteem, and here are some of my favorite stories from women who were able to overcome their insecurities.

Get ready to kiss your self-esteem problems goodbye!

Drobot Dean –

She Faked It Until She Made It

“Faked it until I started to believe it myself. A big part of this was to stop making self-deprecating jokes.”

“An exercise I did frequently in this process was to list 3 things I like about myself and 3 things I dislike.”

“These had to be things I had control over. Then I created a plan of action to minimize the things I didn’t like, and maximize the things I did.”


She Looks At The Bad Sides Of Other People And Their Lives

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