This Travel Blogger Is Talking About All Of The Things That Terrify Plus-Size People When Traveling

In 2022, one would hope that travel and vacationing have become much more accessible for plus-size people. However, travel vlogger on TikTok is making videos to point out that, sadly, that is not the case.

A TikTok user named Kirsty Leanne (@kirstyleannetravels) is making videos to give plus-size people tips and advice on making themselves comfortable while traveling.

Kirsty also runs a website that’s dedicated to plus-size traveling that you can check out here!

Not only is she giving great practical tips on helpful things like seatbelt extenders for airplanes, but she also is trying to give plus-size people the confidence they need to pursue their love of travel and make the accommodations they need.

Kirsty Leanne’s videos send a great message to those who have been too afraid to travel because of their size.

They also shine a light on certain travel situations that may be extremely difficult or uncomfortable for plus-sized people that average-size people probably don’t notice.

In a recent video, Kirsty Leanne made a list of what she calls “Things that terrify plus-size people when they travel.”

“I had to start with an obvious one, and that is plane seats,” says Kirsty Leanne. “They’re small, uncomfortable; we have to sit next to people that clearly don’t want to be there; it’s a no from me.”

Along with plane seats, Kirsty Leanne also listed the tray tables on planes, calling them “the thing of nightmares.”

TikTok; pictured above is Kirsty in her video

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