13 Years Ago, This 17-Year-Old Went Missing On Her Spring Break

Spring break is supposed to be a time to kick back and have fun with your friends while taking a break from your schoolwork, and that’s just what 17-year-old Brittanee Marie Drexel intended to do 13 years ago.

Brittanee was from the Rochester area in New York, and she packed up her bags, hopped in the car with some of her friends, and made the long drive down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to have some fun.

Brittanee’s mom Dawn had not thought this trip was a good idea, and she told Brittanee she was not allowed to go, but Brittanee didn’t want to miss out.

It was April 23rd of 2009 when Brittanee got to her final destination along with her friends despite Dawn’s wishes, and they checked into a hotel.

Just two days later, Brittanee completely disappeared.

Facebook; pictured above is Brittanee

On April 25th, Brittanee walked out of the Blue Water Resort, never to be seen again. One day after Brittanee vanished, her cellphone signal was last picked up in a tiny town called McClellanville.

Her cellphone was never found though, and neither was Brittanee, despite an exhaustive search for her.

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