Marvin Is A 2-Year-Old Bernese Mountain Dog Who Is Fighting An Uphill Battle In The ER

Chicago, Illinois. A young couple is asking for help as their beloved dog fights an uphill battle in the veterinary E.R.

Matt Meyer and his fiancé Victoria own Marvin, a precious 2-year-old Bernese Mountain dog. Ever since they adopted Marvin, he’s been a happy and healthy dog.

The only thing that ever seemed wrong with Marvin was a few G.I. issues.

However, on a day in February, Matt and Victoria noticed that Marvin was not looking too good. His eyes were red, cloudy, and swollen.

They immediately took him to their primary care vet, where they were advised to take him to an eye specialist.

Marvin’s condition only worsened, with bumps beginning to rise on his skin and a loss of appetite. Both his primary care and eye doctors ran a series of tests while Matt and Victoria waited for the results.

One day, they got a call from the doctor telling them that Marvin had histiocytes in his eyes, which prompted them to rush to the ER on March 16th.

Histiocytes can indicate inflammatory or infectious diseases, or even sarcoma, an aggressive cancer that is common in Bernese Mountain dogs.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Marvin

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