One Of Her Best Guy Friends Slept With A Girl Who’s About To Get Married And She’s Thinking Of Telling The Unsuspecting Fiancé Before He Makes It To The Altar

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A 21-year-old woman’s best guy friend recently did something pretty crappy. Her friend, who is 25, decided to sleep with his own best guy friend’s fiancée.

Her friend revealed this shocking news to her around a week ago, and she can’t believe he would do something like this.

The girl that her friend slept with is getting married in only 2 more months, and this girl’s fiancé is completely unsuspecting about what happened.

She thinks it’s probably a good idea to tell this girl’s clueless fiancé before he makes it to the altar with her since this is probably a dealbreaker for most people prior to tying the knot.

Her friend is apparently remorseful about sleeping with this girl in the first place, yet he doesn’t want to let anyone know about what they did since this girl is a really close friend of his family’s and the news of them hooking up will result in major fallout.

“I know it’s not my place to say anything,” she explained. “But the thought of someone marrying someone who cheated on them and I’m the only one who knows is eating me. Do I just keep my distance from the whole situation and let it play out?”

“My friend is in their wedding party and it’s really bothering me that he’s gonna be standing up there with his so-called friend and his fiancée which he slept with.”

“The fiancée is very controlling and even got upset when my friend will go out on other dates, even though she’s engaged.”

She knows this girl clearly is “not a good person” and she’s beginning to doubt that her own friend is a decent guy over this sticky situation.

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