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After Showing Up To Her Stepdaughter’s College Graduation Ceremony In Workout Clothes, She Got Banned From Future Events

MelissaMN - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman has a stepdaughter that just graduated from college, and the college her stepdaughter goes to is a plane ride away from where she lives.

She, her husband, and the kids that they have with one another hopped on a flight to be able to see her stepdaughter’s graduation ceremony.

They also all planned to take her stepdaughter out to dinner afterward, bring her presents, and get to just hang out with her, as she won’t be home much this summer.

“We had to fly in to see her, so I was wearing a comfy matching workout set (in her school colors to celebrate) on the flight and had a dress and heels in my carry-on to change into before the ceremony,” she explained.

Well, the flight that they were all on got terribly delayed, and everything went from smooth sailing to pretty crazy.

Their flight was so very late that they nearly didn’t make it to see her stepdaughter walk across the stage.

On their way to the ceremony, her kids insisted on stopping to get her stepdaughter flowers, and then one of her kids got quite ill because of how chaotic everything was.

Then, they all got stuck in traffic, and she just forgot to change out of her workout clothes and into her dress and heels.

She figures that everything was so taxing that changing into something nicer was simply the last thing on her mind.

MelissaMN – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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