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He Met A Girl On A Dating App And After Meeting Her For A Date, He Called Her Out For Having Deceptive Photos

millaf - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Honesty and online dating don’t always go hand and hand, and it’s always confusing when someone isn’t straightforward about themselves online.

The whole point of dating is to find someone who likes you for exactly who you are, so that’s why I don’t really understand when people choose to omit things or intentionally make themselves seem different online than how they are in real life.

One man met a woman through a dating app, and he thought that her photos were really gorgeous. He started chatting with her, and he was instantly into her.

They moved things over to a social media app, and after talking to her there, he realized she was “slightly chubbier” than the photos she had put up of herself on her dating profile.

He stopped to consider things, thinking that there genuinely wasn’t that much of a difference between how she portrayed herself on the dating up versus how she looked on social media.

“After a few days of talking, we met up for drinks at a restaurant,” he explained, “As soon as I saw her I immediately felt disappointed as she looked NOTHING like her pictures which I later found out were from 3 years ago.”

“I did my best to have fun on the date regardless of the fact that I wasn’t physically attracted to her whatsoever. The date went pretty well but the next day I sent her a text saying it wasn’t going to work out and that her pictures were misleading.”

He did say sorry, before wishing her luck in finding someone, since it wasn’t about to be him.

He later told his friends about his date, and every single one of them thinks it was mean for him to tell this girl that her photos were deceptive.

millaf – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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