Her Mom Thinks She Should Go To Prom With Her Little Brother, But She Said There’s Just No Way She’s Agreeing To This

alonesdj - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old woman just finished up her second year of college, and she has a little brother who is currently a senior in high school.

Back when she was her brother’s age, she didn’t get to have a prom because of everything going on in the world 2 years ago.

Her little brother’s high school is having a prom soon, and her little brother doesn’t consider prom to be something to get super excited about.

He is autistic and has a hard time grasping the importance of certain social events, and he isn’t really aware that prom is a big deal like his graduation is.

“My brother is indifferent either way,” she explained. “He would be happy to go. He would be equally happy to stay home and play video games.”

Her brother does have friends that are going to be at prom, though not a lot of them, but he doesn’t have a girl he can ask to be his date to prom.

Her mom thought it would be a brilliant idea for her to go to prom with her little brother, especially since she never got to have that high school experience.

Although her mom is convinced this is a great idea, she is not on board with this plan.

“I don’t know anyone in his graduating class well enough to be able to hang around them for long without it being awkward, not to mention I think he will get picked on by other kids by bringing his older sister,” she said.

alonesdj – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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