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She Donated Clothes Her Roommate Was Throwing Out And Her Roommate Screamed At Her

5second - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman at the beginning of her 20s has a female roommate around her age, but she doesn’t exactly like her roommate.

Her roommate is incredibly “entitled” to the point where her roommate freaked out on her dad when she did not get enough money for graduation that she felt she “deserved.”

Her roommate also leaves every single light on in their place, yet will not be using all of those rooms, and she’s not into recycling anything.

She tries to live her life while staying out of her roommate’s way, but she does recycle and she also does turn off the lights in their place when her roommate leaves them all on.

Not too long ago, she noticed that her roommate was buying tons of new clothing to the point where a new order was sitting on their doorstep every single week.

Her roommate did get rid of some clothes in her closet too, but instead of donating them or seeing if someone needed them, she tossed them right into the garbage in their kitchen.

“At first I didn’t think anything of it, then I saw a pair of boots in the trash that she just got a few weeks ago and was very excited about,” she explained.

“They’re in almost new condition and I asked her why she threw them out. Her response was simply that they were so cheap it didn’t matter and she got a new pair anyway.”

“After that, I started paying more attention to the clothes she was tossing and saw that they were all new-almost new and she was just…throwing them away.”

5second – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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