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She Found The Prom Dress Of Her Dreams, But Her Parents Think It’s Way Too Expensive

_chupacabra_ - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A teenage girl has spent what feels like forever to her trying to find the prom dress of her dreams, without any luck.

She’s so looking forward to being able to attend prom, and her prom dress code is black tie or ballroom style.

All of her classmates are certainly showing up in outfits that are over the top price-wise, and the area where her school is located is pretty wealthy.

After searching high and low, she found a dress on the internet that costs a little over $200, and she’s in love with the dress.

“I couldn’t see myself going to prom in anything else,” she explained. “My parents said that the price is unacceptable and that it would be unfair for them to spend more on me than on my sister.”

So, back when her 22-year-old sister went to prom, her sister was allowed to spend a little over $300 on her dress, yet her sister effortlessly located one for just $71.

Her mom and dad did offer to pay for her sister’s hair and makeup, but her sister’s boyfriend happily covered those costs.

Her sister didn’t use her prom budget, so she figured there was no harm in wanting a more expensive dress than her sister got since her parents technically saved money back then and they can easily afford to spend the money on her more expensive dress.

Additionally, she is shelling out her own money for her prom ticket, and she is doing her makeup and hair herself so there’s no cost.

_chupacabra_ – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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