She Paid For A Stranger’s Wedding Dress Yet Is Making Her Daughter Buy Her Own

A woman and her husband both were quite poor growing up, but they have worked their whole lives to get to a good place financially.

They certainly had to work exceptionally hard to do this, and so hard work is something they imparted to their children.

She and her husband agreed to never let their kids have it too easy or live too large, and that means they don’t go out of their way to buy them things they don’t really need.

They did generously buy their three children cars as they hit their teen years, which were used, and which the kids were expected to properly take care of.

She and her husband did foot the bill for college, and their 2 eldest children are married, so they did pay for their weddings.

One thing they did not purchase along with giving their kids wedding money was a wedding dress for their daughter and a tuxedo for their son.

Now, their baby Michaela is about to get married, and though they are funding her wedding, they want her to purchase her wedding dress by herself, keeping it in line with the arrangements they had with their older children.

Michaela did ask her and her husband (Michaela’s dad) to come with her when she shopped for her wedding dress, and it was a special moment to watch Michaela find the dress of her dreams.

As this mom was participating in this day leading up to Michaela’s wedding, she saw another bride trying on dresses, and she stopped to say something nice to this stranger.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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