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She Screamed At Her Sister On Her Wedding Day After Her Sister Changed Her Toddler’s Food Without Telling Her

“He starts having a meltdown and even being taken outside won’t soothe him. And of course, he’s hungry so that’s riling him up too.”

Once she brought him back inside, her sister pulled her aside and complained that they could hear his screaming from inside, and that was making people comfortable.

Her sister then goes on to suggest that she take her son home and also not bring him to their brother’s wedding coming up the next year.

“I just saw red and shouted at her, saying he would’ve been fine if he could’ve had his meal and she didn’t need to change it without telling me when she knows how strict he is with routine,” she explained. “And that his autism wasn’t the problem here, she was.”

The bride stormed away and she left with her son. She has not talked to her sister since, but her parents told her that her sister was furious with her.

She goes on to add that she did bring snacks for her son but didn’t bring enough to substitute a meal.  She also talked about how balancing tough situations with her son’s routine is important and she shouldn’t shield him from all of that.

“We had a contingency plan that involved firstly going outside and then if that didn’t work taking my son for a drive which calms him, but my sister and I argued before my husband could take him,” she added.

“And he wasn’t having a full meltdown during the ceremony or anything, he was just grizzly from having to sit still so my husband took him outside to de-escalate.”

What would you have done if this was your sister, or if this was your child?

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