She Was Having A Bad Day, And Then Her Friend Did The Kindest Thing To Make Her Feel Better

Taylor explained that she needed to get away for a few hours, go to the beach and clear her head. Her friend agreed this would be a good idea, so they met up, and Cameron handed over the keys to her car.

Moments later, Taylor gets in the front driver’s seat and instantly recognizes a bag full of goodies left behind as a gift from Cameron.

The passenger seat was filled with snacks, her favorite soda (Dr. Pepper), a speaker, a blanket, a book, paint, and a notepad. This heartfelt gift was topped off with a long note written by Cameron herself.

Taylor was then seen crying happy tears as she shouted out to her fantastic friend Cameron, through a TikTok video, who proved to be a one-of-a-kind friend.

We need more friends like Cameron!


cameron you are an angel sent straight from God Himself

? original sound – Taylor Polcyn

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