This Cat Has Cancer, But If He Gets Radiation And Surgery, He Has An Excellent Chance Of Beating It

Chase Holiday lives happily and peacefully with her five rescued cats in sunny Los Angeles, California. Chase has admitted that she has a soft spot for black cats out of all the creatures in the world.

Her special boy, Buddha, is a 17-pound black cat who is shy yet cuddly, curious, and intelligent. Chase believes that Buddha is her lucky cat, despite all the old and superstitious stereotypes against black cats.

In fact, the stereotypes were the inspiration for Chase to start sharing and promoting how fantastic those mini black panthers are.

She calls herself a “black cat activist” who tries to fight off the terrible old impressions people have against those adorable furballs. 

Chase had also explained how she met Buddha. Buddha came from the cat of one of Chase’s friends.

His cat had a litter of newborns, and he couldn’t afford to take care of them or he would face eviction. It wasn’t until helping this friend out that Chase realized how hard it is to find black cats a forever home.

“Some rescue sources wouldn’t even take in the cats until after Halloween,” Chase explained in her post.

Finally, after setting up a YouTube channel, Furball Fables, two of the kitties were adopted by Chase’s neighbors.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Buddha

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