This Cat’s Bizarre Behavior Turned Out To Be Brought On By Diabetes

These past few weeks have been a total nightmare for Jessica Yergin and her family. Their beautiful cat, Prada, has been experiencing small tremors.

The family deiced to bring Prada to their local veterinarian, Lisbon Road Animal Hospital, in hopes of finding some answers for their beloved companion.

However, with no ability to replicate the tremors, a diagnosis would be tough to make.

In order to help the family in any way, the vet suggested that they attempt to capture Prada’s tremors on camera and come back for her wellness check, which would be on July 7th.

After the visit with the veterinarian, they called to schedule another appointment and asked for a new vet tech as the other one shrugged off the situation as if it was not a top priority.

They were able to get a video of Prada’s tremors, and the family then waited patiently for a call that would never come.

“After giving the office over the weekend and a few days to get back to us, we called back and found out some chilling news – Prada had a blood glucose level of over 500 and was diabetic,” Prada’s family explained.

“With this information, I have no idea why the office decided that we didn’t need to know about it immediately, taking five full days to tell us news that most people would consider being an emergency situation.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Prada

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