This Woman Has Raised Awareness About Her Dog’s Stretch That Actually Indicated Cancer

No two dogs are exactly the same. Their unique personalities and behaviors are what bond owners to special furry friends for life.

Getting to know your pet’s temperament is also an important step in ensuring their health. If your dog begins to act out of character, this might be a sign there is something wrong.

One woman recently shared the moment she realized her pup Barley was not okay on TikTok. The video she uploaded shows Barley leaning back onto his hind legs as if he was practicing the seal yoga pose. Afterward, he laid down completely flat.

“If your dog ever does this out of nowhere, please take them to the vet immediately. I really wish I would have caught this sooner,” the woman captioned her video, followed by the hashtag “cancer.”

The TikTok reached nearly 10 million people and gained almost five hundred thousand likes. And while some users sympathized with the woman’s pup, others were quick to dismiss the dog’s pose as a symptom of any illness.

“Uh yeah, that’s called a stretch,” commented one user.

“Every dog does this,” agreed a second user.

But, a few veterinarians chimed in and silenced the doubtful commenters.

TikTok; pictured above is the woman in one of her videos discussing how she realized her dog Barley wasn’t alright

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