A Guy That She’s Been Seeing For The Past Few Months Called Her Gross, Before Saying She’s Doing Nothing With Her Life, But That Couldn’t Be Further From The Truth

Nataliia Zasibna - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman hasn’t had the best of luck in the past when it comes to the guys that she’s dated.

She met a guy online and has been seeing him for the past few months, and she really thought her luck was about to change.

“I’ve gone out with abusive partners in the past,” she explained. “I felt like I kept reliving the same relationship over and over…so I decided to work on myself. I’ve been going to a psychologist for almost a year now. It has helped tremendously.”

She’s been working hard with her psychologist to help fix her “picker” and find a nice guy. She’s even opened up to her psychologist about this recent guy, and it seemed that he was a good choice.

She’s been taking things with him slowly, and they organized a trip to go on together in July.

But two days ago, he said a couple of shocking things to her that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Two days ago he said to me “there’s nothing worse than an unfit woman that does nothing with her life…it’s just so gross…you need to go back to the gym” he also said we both needed to lose weight,” she said.

Not really sure what planet this guy is on, as she has her very own business and she works as an attorney, so this girl really is going places.

As soon as this guy said those hurtful things to her, she called him right out. He attempted to use her past against her, claiming she was being too sensitive about his remarks.

Nataliia Zasibna – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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