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Her Husband Has Been Cheating On Her With Her Boss’s Daughter And The Worst Part Is, Everyone She’s Closest To Has Known All Along And Kept It A Secret From Her

The texts were steamy, and there were even texts about them discussing pregnancy as well.

“When I went to the photos of the phone, I found pictures with him, my two friends Kate and Jessica, (along with more of our friends) of him celebrating Haley’s birthday,” she said.

“There were dozens of pictures of all of them together (including my husband and her kissing). I checked the dates, and they turned out to be from when he was on a “work” trip. I also found messages of our friends telling him to be more careful around me.”

So, every single one of her friends was in on the fact that her husband was seeing someone else, and not a single one of them decided to tell her.

“I feel so betrayed and my mind is genuinely going into very dark and negative places,” she continued.

“It feels like my world has come crashing down and I have NO idea how I’m going to fix or get out of this mess.”

“I feel so trapped—like I can’t do anything, especially because of the position I’m in with my boss.”

How would you feel if you found out that all of your friends were supportive of your significant other cheating on you?

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