This Festive Dessert Lasagna Is Perfect For Your Fourth Of July Weekend

Are you looking to spice up your Fourth of July menu? Sarah Marie, a TikToker known for sharing her tasty kitchen creations, has just the recipe for you.

She calls it “dessert lasagna,” and it looks utterly delicious. Plus, Sarah walked the TikTok community through her entire process in a festive video so you can try it out for yourself.

And before we get into the recipe, let’s review the ingredients. You will need:

Two and a half sleeves of graham crackers

Two sticks of butter, one stick of cream cheese, whipped cream, and Cool Whip

Diced strawberries, crushed pineapples, red raspberry preserve, blueberry pie filling, and blue Jello

Powdered sugar, melted white chocolate, red food dye, and vanilla

We know, it sounds like a lot. But trust the process.

TikTok; pictured above is the finished product

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