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The Guy That She’s Been Hooking Up With Just Fell In Love With Another Girl And She’s Wondering If She Should Warn Her

Laszlo - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 30-year-old woman has been hooking up with a guy 2 years older than she is for close to a year now.

Their relationship has only been purely physical and it’s never gone beyond that at all. This guy is really invested in his career and advancing himself, and he hasn’t gone out of his way to make her feel like he’s interested in her as a person.

He made it clear to her that he was only in this for, well, her body, and she’s convinced he knows nothing about her at all.

Over the last year that she’s been seeing this guy, she knows that he has been sleeping around with other women, and although she did confront him about it he didn’t stop.

Two evenings ago, she stopped by this guy’s apartment, after not seeing him for a few weeks, which is what she normally does. As soon as she arrived though, he demanded that she leave immediately.

She wasn’t about to walk away without getting some kind of an explanation, and she wanted to know why he was kicking her out.

He claimed that he had “no interest” in ever seeing her and he figured she was aware. She wasn’t though, as she went on vacation and had just got back, but while she was gone he never indicated to her that their situation was over and done with.

“I didn’t want to leave because I rightfully wanted answers,” she explained. “He got angry with me and said that he found someone.”

Her hookup buddy fell in love with another girl, who happens to be 21-years-old. After some online investigation, she found out who the girl was.

Laszlo – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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