His Date Reschedule On Him Twice, Claiming She Got Stuck At Work, And He’s Wondering If This Means She’s Not Interested

AnnaDemy - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 33-year-old guy was on a dating app when he happened to notice a woman that he was friends with way back when.

He really did have a crush on her when they were younger, so he decided to match with her and they got to talking.

Not long into their conversation, he wondered if she would like to go out to dinner with him, and she agreed.

He thought that she came across as completely thrilled for their first date, but maybe that’s not quite the case here.

“She didn’t text me too much, and I figured she wanted to save conversation for the date,” he explained.

“The day of the date came around, and she was stuck late with work and would have to miss the date, but said we could definitely reschedule.”

Well, he did reschedule the first date with her, and he was surprised when their second try for their first date arrived, and once again, she bailed.

This time, she claimed to have again gotten stuck at work on the later side. He responded that he understood, before asking if she would like to go out later that evening or pick another night.

It’s been days since he sent her that text, and he can see that she never even read this text message at all.

AnnaDemy – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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