His Wife Wasn’t Honest With Him About Naming Their Baby After Her Late Husband And After He Found Out He Told Her He Wants To Pick Another Name

Daria - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Before a man began dating his wife, she was married to another man named James, who sadly passed away 8 years ago.

When his wife lost James, she was pregnant and about to have a little girl, though she lost her baby not long after she lost James.

Currently, he and his wife are about to welcome a little boy into the world, and this will be the first baby that they have with one another.

His wife wanted to name their son James, after her late husband, but he really was not comfortable with that.

Although he thinks James is a lovely name for a boy, it made him feel strange knowing that their son’s name was the same as her late husband’s.

His wife then stopped talking about the name James, and she then approached him with a new name: Oliver.

“I loved it, and we agreed,” he explained. “Three days ago her family was over for dinner and I told them about the name we’ve chosen.”

“Her sister then said “oh, so like James??” and I was confused, so her sister said, “well that was James’ middle name, wasn’t it?”

As soon as his in-laws had gone, he addressed the baby name with his wife, and he made it clear that he wants her to stop forcing her late husband on him and their baby too.

Daria – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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