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She Told Her 21-Year-Old Daughter That If She Wants To Move Back In, She Has To Give Away Her Big Dog And Go To College

Mat Hayward - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman has a daughter who is 21-years-old, and they are from New York. She says that she’s pretty much in the middle class, and since her husband was having a hard time at work, they made the choice to retire on the earlier side, pick up, and move down to Florida.

Right after her 21-year-old daughter graduated from high school, she opted to not go to college. Instead, her daughter wanted to “have fun” so, she ended up just working a couple of jobs that paid minimum wage.

In order for her daughter to attend college, she would have needed to get about $9,000 in loans to be able to afford it without holding down a part-time job, and her daughter wasn’t interested in doing that.

Her daughter also thought that because she’s extremely gorgeous, it would be somewhat viable for her to pursue a career as an influencer, and over the last 3 years, that’s what her daughter has invested a lot of time into.

“She works at a retail store with her friends, but often takes trips and gives away shifts,” she explained.

“This is really our fault. We didn’t know how to handle this. We didn’t want to squelch her influencer dream – so we kept quiet for a long stretch.”

“I cleaned her room and made her meals so she could focus on her influencer job. The dog was really the first wow moment where we realized that she didn’t care about us or boundaries.”

2 months before she and her husband moved to Florida, her daughter decided to buy a $1,500 dog that’s definitely on the larger side, even though this mom told her no.

The very first evening that her daughter brought the dog home, the dog had accidents all over the house and cried throughout the night.

Mat Hayward – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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