She’s About To Be Marrying Her Sister’s Ex-Boyfriend And She’s Not Inviting Her Sister To The Wedding

Her sister then sent her a bunch of screenshots of messages she had with Charlie and even photos of them back when they were together.

Eventually, she just blocked her sister so she could move on with her life and not have to look at her sister’s past with Charlie.

In hindsight, she doesn’t believe she owed it to her sister to tell her about Charlie anyway since it’s not like her sister was in her life, but she was trying to do the right thing.

It’s been years since then, and Charlie has felt more comfortable telling her about what happened with her sister.

Charlie revealed to her that he stopped dating her sister after her sister cheated with another guy.

Anyway, circling back to her own relationship with Charlie, he asked her to marry him a year ago and she of course excitedly shared the news on social media.

Her sister managed to see that she was engaged, and her sister sent her a text to say sorry for how she acted.

“She said that she had been in the wrong and that she was glad me and Charlie had found each other,” she said.

“I accepted her apology and we have been civil for the past months, she has been sharing wedding Pinterest boards with me and recently she texted me asking if she could be a bridesmaid which I thought was such a mad request since I am not considering even inviting her.”

“Charlie says it’s up to me as she is my sister but I do not want her there, not even in a mean way, I don’t want to actively exclude her as a punishment, I just don’t want her to be a part of my wedding or my life, which she has never been.”

Her older brothers do not agree with her choice to not invite her sister to her wedding, and they believe it’s a mean move.

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