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This Small Business Says Hailey Bieber Tried To Buy Them Out A Few Years Ago But Then Went Ahead With Using Their Exact Name For Her Skincare Brand

Phoebe Vickers and Purna Khatau are best friends who originally were assigned to be roommates in college.

Without ever meeting beforehand, they decided to go on a shopping trip to buy items for their dorm room, and they quickly became fast friends.

After college, Phoebe went on to be a travel photographer as well as a producer for an agency based in New York, while Purna moved to Dubai to be a fashion buyer.

Although they were across the world from one another, they frequently made time to see each other.

It was on one of their trips together that they got to talking about how they were sick and tired of not finding clothing that they adored putting on.

They weren’t thrilled that clothing erred on the side of trendy while being in style one moment and out the next, so they set out on a mission.

They left their jobs behind in 2014 and instead launched their company called Rhode, which is a lifestyle brand.

“Nine years ago, we quit our jobs and founded Rhode out of our apartment, creating a fashion company from nothing,” Phoebe and Purna wrote in an Instagram post.

Instagram; pictured above is a post from Rhode

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