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Ever Since She Got A Job At Hooters, Her Roommate Has Been Making Passive-Aggressive Remarks, So She Finally Told Her Off

“We invited all of our friends and boyfriends over to our apartment,” she said. “They all got there at 8, and my shift ended at 10, so I was going to be late no matter what.”

“When I walked in the door, Ivy pointed at me and said, “This is what I was talking about! The uniform is so demeaning!” I don’t know if it was the stress of everything but I just snapped.”

She told Ivy off right there in front of a whole audience of their closest friends. She let Ivy know that if she wanted to make more nasty comments, she should have the decency to do while they were alone.

“She got really sulky and said I was proving her point that I can’t take a joke,” she continued. “Most of our friends took my side, but I want an unbiased opinion.”

Do you think she had every right to put Ivy in her place, or should she have been kinder to her in front of their friends?

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