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Her Father Is Furious Because She Did Not Include Her Stepmom In Her Wedding Party

Denys - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Watching your parents get divorced at a young age can be an extremely upsetting and confusing experience. And for this woman, the separation continues to affect her life to this day.

Her parents got divorced when she was just five years old after her mom found out her father was cheating.

Understandably, going to court, custody hearings, and watching her parents fight took a huge toll on the woman.

On top of that, her also dad moved in with the woman he had an affair with– Emma– during the divorce proceedings.

“I still remember how he introduced Emma to me and how messed up it was. He told me he loved Emma and wanted me to love Emma, too. He wanted me to let her be my mom and said she would be such a good one,” the woman recalled.

It was an extremely bizarre way to meet the person who came between her parents’ relationship– especially while watching her mom fall apart emotionally.

Nonetheless, the woman did spend equal amounts of time at her mom and dad’s homes following their separation.

Still, though, she had to live with hearing her dad constantly talk down on and criticize her mom.

On the other hand, the woman’s mom was actually much more understanding and considerate of her daughter’s personal feelings.

Denys – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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