It’s Going To Take This Dog 6 Months To A Year To Be Able To Walk Again

The next few weeks are crucial for Jax as the vets will be able to tell if he will be able to walk once again.

During the healing process, Jax has faced complications such as blood in his urine. 

After rushing him to MedVet again, they were informed that Jax now had a UTI due to the surgery and catheter.

Noell Garza and Pilar Sorisno gave us one last update on June 21st, informing us that Jax and his incision are healing nicely.

Now more than ever, he would like to join the rest of the dogs as they run around and play.

The couple has found that Jax is starting to flop and roll himself as he wants the ability to get up and walk around or simply greet his daddy at the door.

Within the next few weeks, they will have another check-up to see if Jax has regained any of his mobility.

If you would like to read more details about the story and stay updated on Jax’s condition, click here.

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