Noah Cyrus Courageously Opened Up About Her Addiction To Xanax And What Her Journey To Recovery Looked Like

Noah Cyrus often despised being regarded as “Miley Cyrus’ little sister.” It is not that she was not proud of her sister, nor the fame that her family had worked for. She just wanted to feel like her own person.

As a child, she found refuge in quiet places such as Far West Farms– a family-run riding center located in Calabasas, California.

The simplicity and silence quieted the thoughts in her mind, and she continues to find solace at the farm to this day.

She is especially grateful it has remained her sanctuary all these years, even after her experience with substance abuse.

Noah recently opened up about her struggle with Xanax addiction for the first time in a Rolling Stone interview with Julyssa Lopez.

She described how, as a teen, she never gravitated toward party drugs that amplified your senses.

Instead, she explained feeling too mentally overwhelmed already. But, after entering a relationship at the ripe age of eighteen with a man who enjoyed using downers, Noah realized two things– she wanted to fit in with his scene, and, in doing so, she was able to temporarily suspend her thoughts.

“My boyfriend… was the first person that gave me a Xanax, and it became a way for us to bond. I think I wanted to fit in with him; I wanted to be what he wanted, what he thought was cool, and what I thought everybody was doing,” Noah said.

Twitter; pictured above is Noah

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