She Knows A Girl Who Constantly Cheated On The Guy She’s About To Marry So She’s Thinking It’s Time To Give Him A Heads Up Before He Gets To The Altar

Even if that’s the path she would pick for herself, she doesn’t know him on a level where she could guess if he would choose the same option in light of the information she has on his bride.

Many of the people that she is friends with, and who are also friends with this guy, know about the bride’s infidelity but have chosen to stay silent as they are “loyal” to the bride.

“None of the friends who know are willing to do the uncomfortable and controversial thing,” she mentioned.

“I feel like I’m the only person who would have the guts to let the cat out of the bag for his sake. I know he knows there are problems in their relationship but the cheating I would guess is hard to suspect when it’s random one-night stands or close to the equivalent.”

“I want to be able to just walk away not caring about whether or not I made the right decision, it’s not fair to assume that the right decision for me is also the right decision for him.”

“This definitely has me stressed because I’ve been trying to convince myself that it being “not my responsibility” is enough of a reason to walk away in silence.”

Do you think she should let this guy know before he makes it to the altar?

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