She Put A Lizard-Friendly Spin On The Cowboy Caviar Trend And TikTok Loves It

Have you seen “cowboy caviar” all over TikTok? The recipe is just like it sounds– a delicious concoction of beans and vegetables that is cheaper yet, arguably, just as good as caviar.

And people across the country have hopped on the bandwagon, making bowl-fulls of it and scooping it up with chips or crackers.

But, one TikToker named Emily decided to put her own twist on the trend. Instead of just creating the cowboy caviar for herself, she also made a version that her bearded dragon– Lenny– could eat.

The idea was sparked after Emily realized Lenny could eat almost all of the necessary ingredients separately. So, she figured, why not make him his own?

For Lenny’s dish, Emily first chopped up some yellow, orange, and green bell peppers.

She also diced some cucumber, pineapple, cilantro, and mango, before combining it all together in one bowl.

And for her own cowboy caviar, Emily combined pinto beans with the same vegetables and fruits Lenny received.

She also added the ingredients Lenny cannot have, including canned peaches, red onion, olive, corn, and jalapeños.

TikTok; pictured above are Emily and Lenny

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