The #BleachedBrow Filter Trend Has Prompted Many TikTokers To Dye Their Brows In Real Life

This fad comes after the classic super thin 90s eyebrow look was trending earlier this year. Remember the brows that looked like they were drawn using a single pencil swipe?

Before that, “soap brows” were the hottest style. To get the wet and full look, people would use spoolies and soap paste to slick their eyebrows sky high.

It appears that cosmetic trends are becoming shorter-lived than ever. So, just how long the “bleached brow” will remain “in style” remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, if you do decide to bleach your brows, remember that they will look yellow unless you choose to tone them.

Or, if you are curious about how blonde brows might look on you in real life but do not want to fully commit just yet, you can check out this Faux Bleached Brow Tutorial using only makeup by @MakeupByLexh.

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