The Gym Lips TikTok Trend Is Solving The Debate About Wearing Makeup While Working Out

Have you ever worn a full face of makeup to the gym? Odds are you were sweaty, smeared, and utterly uncomfortable by the end of your workout.

To some fitness lovers, wearing any makeup at all is ridiculous. Yet, others still want to feel confident while getting their sweat on.

So, what’s the compromise? A new viral TikTok trend known as “gym lips.”

The idea of “gym lips” was created by popular makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell. She falls into the category of people who want to look like they are wearing makeup at the gym while wearing very little at all.

And one day, while on the way to her workout, Kelli shared her trick. She simply overlines her lips using a lip liner that is nearly identical to her true lip shade.

Afterward, she just applies a lip gloss or treatment on top for a wet finish.

“It looks like you are wearing no makeup. But, you just have plump, juicy lips,” Kelli said online.

Since sharing her hack, other big names on TikTok, including Brittany Corn and Becca Tobin, have also partaken in the trend. Thousands of videos have now used the #gymlips and credit Kelli for the inspiration to try something new.

TikTok; pictured above is Kelli discussing gym lips

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