This Is How Quickly Popular Pet Influencers Can Pay Off The Average U.S. Mortgage Using Just A Few Instagram Posts

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Do you have a special Instagram or TikTok account dedicated to your pet? If not, you might want to create one after hearing the insane amount of money that popular “pet influencers” earn per post.

Over the past decade, tons of loving pet parents have created special separate accounts to document their pet’s day, travels, and training milestones. Now, many of those early accounts have taken off– earning the pet owners tons of cash. recently conducted a study analyzing some of the top pet-earners across the globe and figured out exactly how long it would take to pay off a standard U.S. mortgage using just your pet’s salary.

But first, let’s go over some of the top earning pets in the business.

Jiffpom is an adorable Pomeranian with 9.7 million followers on Instagram. This pup is the highest earning pet overall– making just over twenty-seven thousand dollars per sponsored post.

Coming in at second top dog is Doug the Pug, who not only has 3.7 million followers but has also won two People’s Choice Awards. Doug makes just over ten thousand and five hundred dollars per post.

And we cannot forget about our top feline friend, Nala Cat. Nala is a rescue who now has 4.4 million followers and holds a Guinness World Record. Her impressive career has earned her about eleven thousand and five hundred dollars per post.

Finally, there is also a market for pet influencers aside from dogs and cats. Juniper the Fox and Mr. Pokee– the world’s most adorable hedgehog– are the two top earners in this category.

Juniper earns just over eight thousand dollars per post, while Mr. Pokee makes five thousand dollars.

DGC – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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