An Angry Neighbor Left A Hilariously Detailed Diagram On A Driver’s Windshield After They Took Up Two Parking Spots

Everyone who has ever pulled into a parking lot has suffered the universal experience of “that guy”– the person who completely disregards the painted parking spot lines and instead leaves his vehicle halfway into another person’s spot.

Some people do it because they have “nice cars” and fear getting hit, while others might just be ignorant or inconsiderate– who knows?

Regardless, though, these selfish parkers normally just receive a head shake or the bird from angry drivers looking to park.

But, last week, one disgruntled neighbor finally had enough of “that guy’s” parking in his area.

The neighbor took it upon themselves to draw an extremely detailed diagram of “the correct way to park” versus “how they managed to park” and left it on the driver’s windshield.

They also sarcastically graded the driver’s parking as a “two out of ten for effort” and added that the driver “must try harder.”

One Reddit user was walking through the neighborhood when they noticed the outrageous note left on someone’s windshield and snapped a photo of it.

Then, they shared it with the entire Reddit community for a hearty laugh.

Reddit; pictured above is the note

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