Applebees Teams Up With Winky Lux To Offer A New Line Of Buffalo Wing-Inspired Lip Glosses Called Saucy Gloss

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Most people associate lip gloss with sweet flavors such as strawberry, bubble gum, or cotton candy. But, the makeup brand Winky Lux has decided to ditch the classics and spice it up a bit– literally.

Applebees has now partnered with Winky Lux to offer a line of savory lip glosses known as “Saucy Gloss.”

The glosses will only be available for purchase for a limited amount of time, and, for eighteen dollars each, you can choose from four buffalo wing-inspired flavors.

If you live for coral tones, you can slap on the quirky “Honey BBQ-T.” Or, if you prefer a red lip, you can choose between “Sweet Chile Kiss” and “Get Me Hot Buffalo.” And for a fun, golden shade, lip gloss lovers can try the “Be My Honey Pepper.”

Apparently, the companies’ collaboration efforts began one year ago after Natalie Mackey– Winky Lux’s founder– received an unexpected LinkedIn message from Applebees.

“Are you able to make lip glosses that taste like barbecue sauce?” the message read.

The surprise message caused Mackey to do a double-take before she launched a full year of research and development.

She worked on sourcing food-grade ingredients– such as honey, garlic and chamomile oil– while also trying to make the texture as non-buffalo wing-like as possible.

“The entire lab smelled like barbecue sauce,” Mackey recalled, “And I think people are going to think it’s either genius or super weird.”

estradaanton – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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