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He Told His New Wife That His Stepdaughter Can’t Have The Money His Ex-Wife Left For His Own Daughter And It’s Causing Major Problems

Dima Aslanian - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A man is currently married to his second wife, a woman named Ashley.

He and Ashley both entered into their relationship with a daughter from their previous relationships, and their daughters are 17-years-old.

Prior to marrying Ashley, he was married to another woman named Sam.

He admits that he and Sam were pretty terrible together, though they were excellent as friends and as parents to their daughter.

They did end up divorcing, and after that, he and Sam still were an important part of one another’s lives.

Throughout his time with Sam, he knew that she was putting money aside for their daughter’s college education.

He and Sam had decided that he would be the one to spend money on their daughter’s different activities as she grew up, and Sam would be the one to put money away for college.

“I never knew how much was in the account until 2 years ago when my ex died,” he explained.

“It was then I learned she had saved a hefty amount and that aside from allowing for her funeral expenses, she had left money for our daughter to use as she saw fit outside of the college money.”

Dima Aslanian – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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