Her Fiancé Found Her Dog Had Been Locked Inside Of Her Bedroom After She Vanished From Her Condo, And 2 Years Later Her Remains Were Found At A Dumpsite

Twenty-one-year-old Katelyn Markham of Butler County, Ohio, was known by friends, family, and her fiancé– John – as a bubbly, friendly, and dedicated young woman.

She was also a talented artist just weeks away from earning her bachelor’s degree and had big plans to make the passion her full-time future.

But then, in August of 2011, these hopes and dreams were ripped away from Katelyn and her family.

She was last seen alive on August 13 at her Fairfield condo by fiancé John, who later reported her missing the following day.

According to 911 operator logs, John explained how Katelyn had just been at home– getting ready for bed– at about 12:00 a.m. the night before she disappeared.

“She was not going out to do anything. She would have been in her bed. I mean, I’ve been with her for six years, and she’s not deceiving,” John reportedly said.

Nonetheless, the next day, John became alarmed after Katelyn did not respond to his texts or calls all day.

So, that evening, he traveled to her condo and was shocked to find her car and purse left behind.

Facebook; pictured above is Katelyn

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