Her Friend Lied To Her About Having Severe Food Allergies For Years, And Now She Feels Totally Betrayed

elnariz - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-six-year-old woman has known her best friend since elementary school. And now, after her friend dated a guy for a while, they are getting married in the coming months.

Her friend also asked her to help with the wedding preparations. But, while planning everything– including the food– she realized there was a major red flag.

“For background, I am Indian. And at my house, we would always have Indian food. Whenever friends came over, I would ask if they would like to try some of the food, but I never forced it,” she recalled.

And if her friends did not want any, she would simply order them something else or cook them a simpler meal.

However, when her best friend would go to her house, the friend would not just refuse to try the Indian dishes.

Instead, after she rattled off the ingredients in every dish, her friend would claim to be allergic to something in every single one.

And even though she had never even heard of people being allergic to some of the ingredients, she respected her friend’s dietary restrictions.

One time, her friend even began coughing violently and claiming that her throat was closing up after her mother heated up dinner for herself.

“I have never seen my mom move that fast to grab Benadryl and toss her food out the door. We wouldn’t even microwave food that had her allergens in it after that. I was so freaked out,” she explained.

elnariz – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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