Her Husband Is Partying Like Some Kind Of Rockstar Nearly Every Night And Leaving Her Home To Take Care Of All The Kids

bnenin - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman just got married to her husband, and she shares a 1-year-old daughter with him as well as 3 other children he came into their marriage with.

Lately, her husband has been doing something that’s really beginning to bother her and impact their marriage.

As soon as summer started, her husband began partying like some kind of a rockstar, and this all happened after they went to a specific bar for the very first time.

She and her husband both liked this place so much, and her husband would get off work and head right there.

He wouldn’t give her advance notice but would still expect her to come there even though she had all of their kids to take care of.

She tried her best to make it work, but she really couldn’t get there that frequently, and he would go alone.

Going to this bar by himself became her husband’s new routine. He did occasionally go with his guy friends, and one evening he came home at 3 in the morning, and she lost it on him.

She was doing all of the household chores and taking care of all of the kids, and he couldn’t even come home at a reasonable hour.

Despite getting into an argument with her husband about that, he didn’t stop his ways.

bnenin – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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