Her In-Laws Asked What Birthday Cake Flavor She Wanted, Then Berated Her For Her Choice And Refused To Get It

timtimphoto - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This young woman is turning twenty-two years old in just a few days, and her boyfriend’s mother, sister, and a family friend all asked her what flavor of birthday cake she preferred.

She and her boyfriend have a one-month-old son together and currently live in his family’s basement– which is why they were inquiring about the cake flavor in the first place.

Still, since she is an adult now and has never really had a formal birthday party, she did not really put much thought into the flavor of cake she wanted.

But, after they kept pressing her, she naturally just asked for her favorite dessert flavor– red velvet.

“It was my absolute favorite, and I don’t get to eat it a lot– like once every five years– just because I don’t think about it much,” she said.

“Plus, I don’t eat sweets often, so I was thinking, why not?”

Afterward, though, the four women began literally lecturing her about how her choice was an inadequate flavor.

Apparently, they brought up the fact that other people would be eating the cake. So, they believed she should pick a flavor that everyone could enjoy.

Then, she did try to concede. She offered to get a big vanilla or chocolate cake since those flavors are classic and something that most people would enjoy. And for herself, she proposed getting a very small “first birthday” type of red velvet cake.

timtimphoto – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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