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Her Landlord Expected Her To Babysit For Free Every Single Day And, After 6 Months, She Finally Told Her Landlord Off

The daughter has been completely wild, too. She constantly screams and bangs on the woman’s door while she tries to study and even tampers with the woman’s personal belongings.

Although, the most bizarre tantrum the girl ever threw resulted in her pooping on the staircase right outside the woman’s room. The woman did not know and accidentally stepped in it. Yikes!

Despite all of this terrible behavior, though, Alice never disciplines her children. In fact, the woman does not even blame the children for their actions– she blames their mom for never being around.

“They simply don’t know better since their mom neglects them the whole day to work on her business,” the woman explained.

“I have asked her to mind them countless times, but she always plays the single mom card.”

“And, for the record, she is not a single mom– her husband lives five minutes away and pays for everything.”

So, she was forced to put up with all of this craziness for a full six months until one day, when she had enough.

The woman had baked her boyfriend a special cake for his birthday and, out of nowhere, Alice’s son completely destroyed it. At that moment, the woman released all of her pent-up frustration was released onto Alice.

The landlord ended up telling the woman that if she really cared about the children, she would understand how hard it is to raise them alone. But, the woman snapped and told her off.

“I said I don’t care about her kids and that, if anything, I hated them for making my home life miserable,” the woman said.

After that, Alice began to “fake cry” and tried to explain how difficult her life was. Still, though, the woman was not hearing it. She packed up all of her things and left for a friend’s house.

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