She Said She Wanted A Kid-Free Wedding, But Then Invited Her Younger Sister And Excluded Her Younger Brother

Slava_Vladzimirska - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-six-year-old woman just got married in Norway last month and had a really fantastic time. But, since then, she has been battling some guilt regarding her little brother.

From the beginning of the wedding planning, she and her fiancé agreed that they wanted a child-free wedding– meaning that no one under twenty-one years old could attend.

Apparently, they both “find children and tweens very annoying,” but still decided to provide childcare at the hotel for the very young children who had to travel with their parents.

Nonetheless, the real problem had to do with the woman’s siblings. She has a full sister who is fifteen years old and a half-brother who is fourteen years old– with whom she might harbor some resentment.

“My half-brother is the result of an affair my mom had while my dad was away for work– which caused their divorce,” the woman explained.

So, when it came to the wedding planning, the couple decided the woman’s sister could be an exception to the rule– citing their close sibling relationship and how the sister is very mature for her age.

But, because of the rule, the woman’s mother believed that neither of the children was invited.

So, when it came time to tell her mom that her brother was just not invited, she was very upset.

“She said he could not stay at the hotel alone, and I said he could stay with all the kids under ten. But, she told us we could do whatever we wanted– we just had to tell him the news,” the woman recalled.

Slava_Vladzimirska – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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