Her Sister Got Upset With Her For Wearing A Bikini Around Her Husband, Since This Guy Is Her Ex

She looked around and spotted Mike, who was not even looking in their direction; he was busy playing with a cousin of theirs and clearly not interested in what they were doing.

She responded to her sister that she did not have to be concerned with Mike, but that only made her sister even more upset than she was.

Her sister demanded that she change her outfit, but she refused to do what her sister wanted.

“She said I was trying to get her husband’s attention, and I actually laughed because…I said that if it bothered her so much she should’ve thought of that before getting with my ex,” she said.

“My grandpa got in the middle and told us to stop, he told my sister I wasn’t changing, and he asked me to say sorry for my last comment.”

“I did, and she wasn’t happy; later on, my mom came to me with another bikini and told me to go change, but I just decided to go home, and it caused my grandpa to scold both my sister and mom for making his house “a hostile environment,” and now they’re both mad at me because “I should just have changed.”

She’s left wondering if she should have changed out of that bikini after all. Do you think so?

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