He’s Stuck In A Love Triangle After Learning His Newly Found Half-Brother Dated His Fiancé Before They All Met

Andreshkova Nastya - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-four-year-old man has a half-brother named Joe and a fiancé named Claire. But, the three are currently wrapped up in a love triangle of epic proportions.

He and Joe are technically half-brothers– they share the same mom– but he was put up for adoption and did not know Joe until recently.

And Claire, his fiancé, apparently dated Joe six years before he met either her or Joe.

“But a few years ago, I met Claire through a work event, and we really hit it off,” he recalled.

Claire had just moved into his area, so he assumed the role of being her city tour guide. Then, after a year of getting to know each other, he and Claire began to date.

It was not very easy at first, though, because apparently, Claire had a tumultuous relationship before meeting him. She was even left with trust issues so horrible that she was forced to see a therapist.

“And because of that, she never felt the need to speak to me about the matter. So, we never really talked about it,” he explained.

In other words, he had no idea that his soon-to-be half-brother, Joe, was actually his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

The news did not come out until last Christmas when he received an Ancestry DNA kit from a friend.

Andreshkova Nastya – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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